Welcome to my world. (Post #0)

Hello Friends,

I have made this blog website to share my thoughts in the area of Economics, Politics, International Relations, Conflict and other vexed issued which are usually avoided by the so-called mainstream.

Before starting with the things that I'm going to cover, let me introduce myself-

I am a full-time Masters student in Economics at Ashoka University. Prior to joining, I have completed my undergraduate studies in the area of Commerce with a minor in Economics and Marketing from SGGSCC, University of Delhi. I have done a few things that I consider as achievements which are:

  • Founder and CEO(2015-17) at a media-based startup "DuTrends" which has a track of having collaborations with more than 100 colleges and 10+ startups as media partners for their events and their business respectively.
  • Researcher and Project Presenter for an Innovation Project under the domain of "University of Delhi" on the topic "A Study of CSR and Social Business as Panacea for Social Problems of India" with a team of 3 university professors and 9 other students.
Rest of the things are not worthy enough to be called as an achievement. Still, if you want to access my detailed CV, you can click here - CV (last updated on 06/07/2018)

Time is worthy enough that it's not to be wasted. So, Instead of wasting your time covering the prospective topics. I will upload an article within 2 days from now.

So, Stay connected and subscribe to get a notification whenever I upload a new post.

Thank You.