A Fallen Nation on the verge on Disappearance- TAIWAN(Post #3)

The title of the article is not intended to provoke anybody. Instead, it's an opinion of the author supported by the facts and statements that are in the public domain.
Taiwan? China? The Republic of China?

It's very difficult to decide as to what we should call it, as it's a bit complicated. It's a nation/province, it's really difficult to say as they are literally in between a political mess which can take a deadly turn anytime as the People's Republic of China has ordered its military to be ready for an invasion by 2020. 

To understand the situation properly, we are supposed to dive into some history.

It all started to get complicated since the Chinese Civil War 1927. When there was only one China i.e., Republic of China (now Taiwan) which was facing opposition from a communist-led party "Communist Party of China" which was supported by the USSR and some regional warlords. 

So, it was basically like a duel with external factors between the Nationalist Party of Republic of China (Kuomintang) and Chinese communist party.
In the year 1937, Second Sino- Japanese War was started and considering the integrity of the Republic of China, both the opponents come together to find the common enemy but In 1945(when the war ended), Chinese Communist Party has gained advantage over Kuomintang and they pushed the legitimate government of the Republic of China to an island which is known by the name Taiwan.

Due to the Soviet support, Chinese Communist Party has got the official recognition as the legitimate government of the renamed territory "People's Republic of China" and has also gained the UN recognition as a member state and has removed Republic of China(Taiwan) as a permanent UN member.

Since then, the disappearance of Taiwan has started as more and more nations are moving sides by having diplomatic relations shifted from Taiwan to PRC.

By today, there are only 16 out of 193 nations who recognize Taiwan's existence as the sole existent government of the whole territorial region of China.