Opinion: Emerged Superpower, Emerging Again- RUSSIA (Post #2)

The title of the article is not intended to provoke anybody. Instead, it's an opinion of the author supported by the facts and statements that are in the public domain.

Russia, a country which was once called a power loom with It's decline started since the days of the cold war, the United States and then USSR reached an agreement which states that the Soviets would withdraw from Eastern Europe and dismantle the Warsaw Pact(which they did) and the USA is supposed to stop the Soviet encirclement and Nato Expansion but they didn't. An agreement which was intended to ease the tension resulted in the beginning of the USSR collapse, the aides of USSR has lost faith in the Kremlin and hence, they started a series of nationalist revolts. This has led to the fall and break-up of the Soviet Union which provided an opportunity for NATO to include the members of the former Warsaw Pact member states in order to further encircle Moscow. This series of dark Russian History is just further expansion for NATO but from the Russian perspective, this was an utter betrayal.

This betrayal was considered to be the biggest geopolitical disaster which duly disturbed the balance of power by unbalancing the parity. After this unlikely event, Russian borders were shrunk back to its 17th-century borders.

[Just some fact- When we talk about the Russian annexation of the Crimean region, We must not forget that there are several annexations where the land was given by Russia to Ukraine which extends its territory by more than 7 times in comparison to that of 1654. Even keeping this point aside, we should respect the will of the people of Crimea who wanted to be recognized as Russians.]

Russia is a tremendous nation which has performed really well even under certain sanctions placed on them. Also, they have used those sanctions as an incentive which makes them push their industrial development. The Russian Dairy Industry is the biggest living example of that.

With the arrival of US President Donald Trump, the geopolitical situation has changed a lot as he has started a trade war even with its allies and has also portrayed his disbelief in NATO. This is an opportunity for the Kremlin to play their cards to switch the political game in their favor.

So, this self-isolation strategy of United States is giving a chance to Kremlin to regain its position back.